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Class Descriptions

Fundance & Kindersteps Program

This is a program offered to the young dancer where fun and education are the main focus. It is a beginner program that focuses on the technique, experience and fundamentals of dance. This is a great program to sign your little one up for when you want to see learning and growth.


The Fundance and Kindersteps program combines Ballet, Tap and an intro to Jazz. This is the best stepping stone into an excellent educational dance experience for the young performer.


Program of classical ballet for the beginner through advanced students; includes alignment of the body, positions of the feet, elementary port de bras, locomotive movements, and basic ballet turns and jumps. Senior students will train and develop more advanced classical ballet techniques, including work in allegro, adagio, pirouettes, turns, and jumps.


Technique course with an emphasis on style, placement, strength, and stretch. Practice in the fast, dynamic jazz dance style associated with Broadway, hip-hop, and video dance with an emphasis on style, flexibilty and correct anatomical technique.


Elements of various street style dances, often mixing them with more structured dance forms such as jazz. As hip hop is such a broad genre it gives the choreographer as well as the dancer the freedom for personal interpretation and creativity.


Students will learn basic tap steps while focusing on rhythm and coordination. A variety of tap styles will be introduced in increasingly dynamic and challenging combinations as students become more proficient.


* Tap shoes required.

DANCE etc...

Dance ETC... policy is there are no refunds for the Registration Fee, Costume Deposit or any missed classes.

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